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Why you need this?

Our car tracker is the best in the market.
We have designed it to withstand the harsh conditions in Kenya
offering you the most reliable monitoring gadget of all time.

12 Months Warranty

Our trackers come with 12 months warranty, we will replace it if it fails.

Longest Standby time

If the battery is disconnected, our trackers will be functional for 12 hours without any external battery.

Panic Button

Our car tracker comes with an SOS button. Press it when in panic and your relatives will be notified via text and a phone call

24/7 Support

We proud ourselves with our customer care experience. Our support is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Btrack Global Boda Boda and Car GPS Trackers

What the tracker can do?

Our tracker has the most extensive features you can get in the market

Remotely stop the car

Our car tracker can switch off the car remotely.

Realtime movement

Using your phone, you can track real time movement of your car

Send signals when in trouble

Our tracker has an SOS button that can send notifications when you are in trouble

Voice surveilance

Our tracker has a voice surveilance that allows you to listen to conversations inside the car from your phone.


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Btrack Global Boda Boda and Car GPS Trackers

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